The Pinnacle of Pop! in 2024

The Pinnacle of Pop! in 2024

When it comes to collecting Funko Pops, some figures are more sought after than others. In the world of Funko Pop collecting, rarity and exclusivity often drive up the prices of these vinyl figures. Let's take a look at some of the most expensive Funko Pops on the market.

What makes a Funko Pop valuable?

Several factors contribute to the value of a Funko Pop, including rarity, exclusivity, condition, and demand. Limited edition releases, convention exclusives, and figures that are no longer in production tend to fetch higher prices among collectors.

The Top 10 Most Expensive Funko Pops in 2024.

10. Freddy Funko as Ghost Rider #24 (Metallic) SDCC 2013 Exclusive

  • Current Estimated Value: $23,270
  • Most Recent Registered Sale: $33,500 (August 2022)

Coming in at number ten on the list, we have the Metallic Freddy Funko as Ghost Rider from San Diego Comic Con 2013. This figure was released with two variants, a non-metallic and a metallic. The non-metallic currently sits at $7,640 PPG. Ghost Rider first appeared in the August 1972 comic 'Marvel Spotlight no. 5' followed by an on-screen debut in 2007, played by Nicolas Cage. Since his character hit the press, Ghost Rider has become a fan favorite and that demand is certainly reflected in the value of this Freddy Funko. This Pop is one of 25 figures Funko has created with a low production count of only 12 pieces. Across SDCC 2011-2013, Funko actually gave these 12 piece Freddy Funkos away for FREE, to lucky raffle winners at the conventions.

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9. Freddy Funko as V for Vendetta #14 (Metallic) SDCC 2012 Exclusive

  • Current Estimated Value: $24,000
  • Most Recent Registered Sale: $24,000 (May 2022)

The ninth spot on our list belongs to V, the main character in a dystopian political action film from 2005. Since its release, V for Vendetta has become a cult classic with tons of fans around the world. Originally released at San Diego Comic Con in 2012, this metallic Freddy as V has a non-metallic counterpart just like Ghost Rider. Although the movie gained a lot of popularity and has a massive fanbase, V for Vendetta is actually one of the smallest lines Funko has ever released, consisting of only four Pops. We've got V for Vendetta #10 ($80 PPG) with a metallic variant ($1,530 PPG) as well as the Freddy Funko as V #14 ($4,690 PPG) with a metallic variant ($24,000 PPG). All four were released in 2012, however production for the regular V #10 continued through 2015 while the others were limited production runs.

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8. Freddy Funko as Buzz Lightyear #03 (Glow in the Dark Chase) SDCC 2011 Exclusive

  • Current Estimated Value: $24,250
  • Most Recent Registered Sale: $35,000 (October 2022)

Spot number eight on the list is taking us to infinity and beyond with Freddy Funko as Buzz Lightyear. Everybody loves Buzz and this has certainly factored into the demand for this super rare Freddy Funko. Woody's right hand man from Disney's Toy Story franchise has reached new heights with a staggering $35,000 sale in October of 2022. There are three variants of this Freddy: regular ($7,500 PPG), metallic ($23,110 PPG) and this Glow Chase ($24,250). What is a "Chase" variant, you may ask? Well, Chase variants are slightly different productions made in limited number and inserted into the standard production run. Kind of like a golden ticket, you just never know when you might receive one! These variants are often called chase items because they're the versions that the most enthusiastic collectors are always chasing after to get. In this particular case, there were 125 "common" variants made and only 12 Chases. 

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7. Freddy Funko as Venom SE SDCC 2019 Exclusive

  • Current Estimated Value: $26,980
  • Most Recent Registered Sale: $30,000 (June 2023)

The newest Funko on the list, Freddy Venom (aka Frenom), was released at the 2019 San Diego Comic Con just five years ago. This Pop made the headlines last year when a collector in Los Angeles, CA traded two 2023 Cadillac Escalades for six of these Freddy Venoms! Check out our blog post about that trade here! There were only 24 of these produced, making them one of the rarest releases Funko has done. It's estimated that, at one point, the seller from the Cadillac trade owned 18 of the 24 produced. Although we don't have the "real" Freddy Venom in our store, we actually have a custom Giant Freddy Funko as Venom standing over two feet tall that we purchased from a local artist.

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6. Boo Berry #03 (Glow in the Dark Chase)

  • Current Estimated Value: $28,500
  • Most Recent Registered Sale: $32,000 (October 2023)

The most expensive General Mills Cereal Monster has arrived! The Glow chase variant of the original Boo Berry Funko was released in 2011 and didn't stick around for long. Funko only produced 24 of these, making him one of the rarest Chase variants around. There is also a metallic variant ($710 PPG) and a common ($290 PPG). The Cereal Monsters have arguably become the most desirable Funko Ad Icons on Earth and we're here for it. They all have unique molds and feature timeless characters. This is the only Funko on the list that released outside of San Diego Comic Con, which I find very interesting!

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5. Clockwork Orange #04 (Alex DeLarge) Cancelled Release

  • Current Estimated Value: $30,650
  • Most Recent Registered Sale: $31,000 (August 2022)


Although Funko may be worth over $300million today, they had to start somewhere. In the early days of the company, Funko had difficulty obtaining the rights to some intellectual properties (IPs), like Clockwork Orange, due to the expensive licensing fees. In order to circumvent licensing and copyright laws, Funko worked with a company named Radio Days. They had plans to create an entire Clockwork Orange line in 2012, using Radio Days, and it was set to be a popular line. Clockwork Orange's parent company however, was certainly not pleased. They came in hot, threatening Funko with legal action if the Pops were not destroyed immediately. The CEO of Funko at the time, Brian Marriotti, ended up destroying all but 24 of the Alex DeLarge Pops. 12 of these common variants and 12 of the Glow chase variants, which we'll get into later down the list at the #2 spot. 

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4. Freddy Funko as Clone Trooper #09 (Blue Hair) SDCC 2012 Exclusive

  • Current Estimated Value: $30,680
  • Most Recent Registered Sale: $45,000 (November 2023)

Another 12 piece production ranking in the top ten, this Freddy Clone Trooper is the only Star Wars Funko Pop on the list. With the recent rise in popularity of Star Wars' Clone Wars, this figure has boomed in value. Similar to the other 12 piece Freddys, there haven't been many sales over the years. Majority of the collectors currently in possession of these super limited grails will likely never sell, creating a vacuum driving prices up rapidly. Star Wars collectors throughout the community seem very torn over this piece, arguing that there is no real significance of this figure and the value is unjustified. 

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3. Freddy Funko as Tony Stark #12 (Metallic) SDCC 2012 Exclusive

  • Current Estimated Value: $38,660
  • Most Recent Registered Sale: $43,000 (August 2022)

Ranking in at number three, Freddy as Tony Stark is the pinnacle of Marvel grails. There are two variants of this Freddy, just like the other metallic Freddys on the list. The common variant of the Freddy Iron Man has a $7,810 PPG and was limited to 96 pieces. Despite his departure from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tony Stark aka Iron Man, has remained one of the most popular Avengers. This is my personal favorite on the list, the metallic paint looks really nice on this piece and the Iron Man suit looks great in Pop form.

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2. Clockwork Orange #04 (Alex DeLarge) (Glow Chase) Cancelled Release

  • Current Estimated Value: $48,450
  • Most Recent Registered Sale: $60,000 (November 2022)

And we're back! We talked about the licensing and legal action issues surrounding the Clockwork Orange line in our #5 spot. But what happened to the 24 Pops that weren't destroyed? Brian actually hand signed and numbered each one. Since Funko was not allowed to sell these directly, due to legal litigation, they were given away for free. The common variants we touched on earlier were given away to friends of the company, mainly members of their Funatics Forum group. The Chase variants were given to another collectible company called Gemini Collectibles, who have done quite a few exclusive releases with Funko throughout the years. In 2013, Gemini sold the Chases for $350 each, finally releasing them into circulation for collectors to catch.

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1. Golden Ticket 2 Pack (Willy Wonka & Oompa Loompa - Gold) #58 SDCC 2016 Exclusive

  • Current Estimated Value: $163,440
  • Most Recent Registered Sale: $210,000 (July 2023)

Topping off our list, the Wonka 2-Pack rocked the collectible world with a record breaking $210,000 sale last summer. The previous record was only $100,000… and was the same exact Golden Ticket 2-Pack. Remember the insane Freddy Venom / Cadillac trade we talked about before? The same LA Based collector purchased a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket 2-Pack in 2022 for $100,000, setting the record for the most expensive Pop ever sold. He then turned around and sold it a year later for more than double, breaking his own record by $110k! This Pop has one of the best back stories which is certainly a big reason its value has peaked so high. During Funko's Fundays event at San Diego Comic Con in 2016, Funko handed out chocolate bars, 4 of which contained a Golden Ticket. The lucky winners brought their Golden Ticket to the booth where they were gifted a numbered Willy Wonka 2 Pack. The first four were numbered, while the remaining 6 were not. It is believed that these outliers were given away to employees or friends of the company.

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Honorable Mentions 

Although we haven't had the opportunity to bring any of the Funko Pops we went over today in the store, we have had some pretty awesome grails in stock. Check out the list below for some of the highlights!

  • Freddy Funko as Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead SDCC Exclusive LE 48 ($4,350 PPG)
  • Freddy Funko as Ace Ventura (Blue Shirt) SDCC Exclusive ($2,600 PPG)
  • Holographic Darth Maul #23 (Glow in the Dark) SDCC Exclusive LE 480 ($8,510 PPG)
  • Planet Arlia Vegeta #10 Toy Tokyo SDCC Exclusive LE ~500 ($5,400 PPG)
  • Lotso #12 (Flocked) SDCC Exclusive LE 480 ($2,140 PPG)
  • Sulley #04 (Flocked) SDCC Exclusive LE 480 ($2,250 PPG)
  • Boba Fett (Droids) #32 International German Star Wars Celebration Exclusive ($2,020 PPG)
  • Flashpoint Batman #01 Toy Tokyo NYCC Exclusive ($1,950 PPG)

Investing in Funko Pops

For collectors looking to invest in Funko Pops, it's essential to do thorough research on the market trends and the specific figures they are interested in. Keeping an eye on limited edition releases and exclusives can help collectors snag valuable pieces that may increase in value over time.

While collecting Funko Pops can be a fun hobby, it's important to remember that the value of these figures can fluctuate based on market demand and trends. Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting out, the world of Funko Pop collecting offers a wide range of figures to suit every taste and budget.

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